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Landscaping Solutions – How to Tackle These 5 Landscaping Issues!

Landscaping works can present some unique challenges that can be hard to resolve. Even if the design can be pulled off without any hurdle, the task can be quite tough to implement. Majority of the installation process comes with a few problem areas that just will not follow the ideals of the landscape design plan. However, these problems areas can be easily solved with a bit of flexibility and creativity.

  • 1. Soil erosion issues

Sloping land can present significant soil erosion issues. One of the best ways curb the sloping issue is through terracing and building retaining walls. The retaining walls can be easily constructed using railroad ties that are partially buried and spiked into the ground.

  • 2. Problem with the drainage system

Landscaping services in Brisbane comes with some issues on their own, one of which includes the drainage system. If the area is flat or low-lying water can easily flood the place. This is specifically common in hydric soil that drains more water rather than draining it. If the pool or other areas near to the drainage system that may be vulnerable to water damage, you may use wetland plants to fix the issue. Or else, you can dig a swale through the place to establish a channel for the water to drain into a more desirable location.

  • 3. Drought issues

There may be some areas in the garden, that receives less rainfall or have soil that fails to retain water well. To help solve those soil condition, plant xeriphytic plants to pull off the landscaping works, as they require less water or survives well in dry land areas. If you think that a small portion of the property is consistently drying out, rock gardening is one of the most viable solutions to go to. Rock gardens can be designed to appear natural and artistic and can be used in conjunction with the xeriphytic plants.

  • 4. Problems with rocky terrain

Rocky terrain offers similar issues as the dry land does with the added implication of not allowing the soil to be dug out easily enough to be planted with plants. Rock gardening is great for such condition and looks natural in such settings too. You can import soil into the sections of the rock gardens to add xeriphytic plants to add shades and make the garden appear more beautiful.

  • 5. Building a shade in the garden

The areas that are way too guarded with wooden pads blocks the plants from receiving sunlight. However, there are numerous plants that easily survives in a shade even without the sunlight. Therefore, if you are planning to include a shade filled with plants, make sure you use the plants that easily services without much sunlight. These areas can also be augmented through hardscaping.

If you have any further questions regarding any landscaping issue, feel free to contact PB Earthworks. We offer expert landscaping solutions in Brisbane.